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No. 12, September 1999

Luigi Galvani international workshop


No. 13 - Dec 2000 (PDF)

No. 12 - Sep 1999

No. 11 - May 1998

No. 10 - Jun 1997

The proceedings of the Luigi Galvani International Workshop, held at Bologna University on 8 October 1998 with the support of the Comitato Nazionale per le Celebrazioni di Luigi Galvani, the Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana, and the Società Italiana di Storia della Scienza, have been published: Marco Bresadola, Giuliano Pancaldi (editors), Luigi Galvani International Workshop. Proceedings, Bologna Studies in History of Science, vol. 7, 1999 (ISBN: 88-900162-1-3).

The proceedings include the following papers:

J. L. Heilbron: Galvani, Volta, and the uses of centennials; Raffaella Simili: Galvani; Marco Bresadola: Exploring Galvani’s room for experiments; Frederic L. Holmes: Galvani on respiration and inflammation; Raffaella Seligardi: Luigi Galvani between chemistry and physiology; Maria Trumpler: From tabletops to triangles: increasing abstraction in the depiction of experiments in animal electricity from Galvani to Ritter; Paola Bertucci: Medical and animal electricity in the work of Tiberius Cavallo, 1780-1795; L. S. Jacyna: Galvanic influences: themes in the early history of British animal electricity; Christine Blondel: Animal electricity in Paris: from initial support, to its discredit and eventual rehabilitation.

A few complimentary copies are available from CIS.