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No. 11, May 1998


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No. 11 - May 1998

No. 10 - Jun 1997

The governing bodies of the University of Bologna have decided that CIS should be attached as a research unit to one of the departments of the University.

The Department of Philosophy has agreed to host CIS and support its mission. This seems a fitting arrangement because the academic staff of the Department includes several scholars interested in the history of science and higher education, and the library of the Department is particularly rich in these fields.

A number of colleagues attached to the Department of Philosophy - Marta Cavazza, Niccolò Guicciardini, Anna Guagnini, Pietro Redondi, Giorgio Sandri, Raffaella Simili, and Walter Tega - have already agreed to cooperate in the shaping of the future initiatives of CIS.

I invite all the other scholars who have contributed in the past to the initiatives of CIS to let me know whether they want to continue to give their precious advice under the new circumstances.

Meanwhile, as shown by the present issue of Universitas, by some initiatives illustrated in it and others documented on our web page, CIS will continue its mission with the assistance of the scholars already mentioned, and the help of a number of generous Ph.D.'s and graduate students from the University of Bologna.

Warm thanks are owed to Rector Fabio Roversi Monaco for the support he has given CIS from the early years of its life.

Giuliano Pancaldi