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No. 11, May 1998
Sixth International Summer School in History of Science, Uppsala 1998


No. 13 - Dec 2000 (PDF)

No. 12 - Sep 1999

No. 11 - May 1998

No. 10 - Jun 1997

Preliminary program
Sun 7 June
11-18 Registration.

Mon 8 June
09-12 Paula Findlen (Stanford):

"Disciplinary Sites: Classifying and Locating Knowledge in the Renaissance"

"Undisciplined Discipline: Natural History in the Early Modern Period"


14.00 Student seminar on works in progress.

17.30 Theatrum anatomicum.

"Swedish Baroque Science: Olof Rudbeck". Short introduction by

Gunnar Eriksson.

Tue 9 June

09-12 Robert Darnton (Princeton and Oxford):

"Knowledge and Worldliness: The Strategy of the French Enlightenment"

Part I and part II.


14.00 Student seminar.

18-20 Excursion to Linnaeus' summerhouse outside Uppsala.

"Linnaeus and 18th Century Classification". Short introduction by Tore Frängsmyr.

Wed 10 June

09-12 Nicolaas Rupke (Göttingen):

"Humboldtian Science Revisited: The Spatial Ordering of Scientific Knowledge". "Interpreting Humboldt: A Geography of the Many Meanings of His Work".


14.00 Student Seminar.

17.00 Excursion to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm.

"Berzelius' chemistry system". Short introduction by Anders Lundgren.

Thu 11 June

09-12 Sven Widmalm (Uppsala):

"The Hierarchy of 20th Century Science"

"The Organization of the University Disciplines"


Fri 12 June

09-12 General discussion.

Introduction: Emily Thompson (Philadelphia) and Daniel Alexandrov

(St. Petersburg).

The Summer School is arranged in collaboration between Uppsala University, the University of Bologna, the University of California at Berkeley, and Paris (CRHST). Organizers: Tore Frängsmyr, Roger Hahn, John L. Heilbron, Giuliano Pancaldi, Dominique Pestre.-

-"Universitas", No 11, contents