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No. 10, June 1997
Fifth International Summer School in History of Science, Bologna 1996


No. 13 - Dec 2000 (PDF)

No. 12 - Sep 1999

No. 11 - May 1998

No. 10 - Jun 1997

The fifth International Summer School in History of Science (ISSHS) was held in Bologna - where the School first met in 1988 - from 16-20 September 1996. Lectures on "The ends of natural philosophy: the scientific revolution in the long view" were delivered by professors Jed Z. Buchwald (Cambridge, Mass.), Lorraine Daston (Berlin), John L. Heilbron (Berkeley and Oxford), Pietro Redondi (Bologna). A special "guest" lecture was delivered by Daniel J. Kevles from Caltech, and other lectures by

Giuliano Pancaldi (Bologna) and Dominique Pestre (Paris). Forty students and young faculty from nine countries attended the School. The ISSHS is a joint initiative of scholars from Berkeley, Bologna, Paris and Uppsala.

Its purpose is to bring together specialists and advanced students from different countries to explore themes in the history of science and technology. The next Summer School will take place in Uppsala in 1998.