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of Philosophy
University of Bologna
via Zamboni, 38
40126 Bologna, Italy
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Berkeley – Bologna – Paris – Uppsala

9th International Summer School in History of Science

University of Bologna, 29 August – 3 September 2004

Facoltà di Lettere, Via Zamboni 38, Aula II (2nd floor), 9:30-12:30

“Current approaches to the history of science”




Dominique Pestre

“Thirty years of science studies. Between intellectual analysis and political intervention"

Nicolaas Rupke

"Serving different interests: the purposes of 20th-century history of science in the English- and German-speaking worlds"


Making Natural Knowledge:

Jan Golinski

"Making natural knowledge: Reconsiderations"

George E. Smith

“Vistas, short and long, narrow and wide”


Closer Looks, I:

Claire Salomon-Bayet

“Epistemology, sociology of sciences, science policy: End of a French ideology, 1950-2000”

Giuliano Pancaldi and Anna Guagnini

“Purification rituals: Reflections on the history of science in Italy, 1970-2004”


Closer Looks, II:

Feza Günergun

“Researches on history of science in Turkey: Emergence, current approaches and future directions”

José Ferreirós

"The history of science in Spain: notes and reflections"


Summaries and General Discussion

Dava Sobel

“Writing about history of science for a general audience”


In the afternoons:

Monday, 14:30-16:30 Work in progress: students’ informal presentations (5 mins each)

Tuesday, 14:30-15:30 Guided tour: The Museums of Palazzo Poggi: Science and art in Bologna, 15th-18th centuries.

Wednesday, 13:30-22:00: Excursion to Florence (15:00-17:00 guided tour of the Institute and Museum of the History of Science; 17:30-18:30 guided tour of the exhibition “Vitrum: Glass between art and science in the Roman world”; 19:00 dinner in Florence).

Thursday: free (recommended visit to the Museo Civico Medievale, preserving several fine sculptures illustrating academic life in Bologna during the Middle Ages, Via Manzoni 4, Bologna).


Organizers: Cathryn Carson and Roger Hahn (Berkeley), Tore Frängsmyr (Uppsala), J.L. Heilbron (Berkeley and Oxford), Giuliano Pancaldi (Bologna), Dominique Pestre (Paris).

Local organization: Giuliano Pancaldi, International Centre for the History of Universities and Science, Department of Philosophy, University of Bologna, Via Zamboni 38, 40126 Bologna, Italy (, with Paola Bertucci, Marco Bresadola, Eleonora Certo, Paola Govoni, and Anna Guagnini.