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About this site

Iconographic archives

The Iconographic Archives (IA) set up by CIS illustrate the history of science and technology at the University of Bologna from the Middle-Ages to the twentieth century. The IA include 700 colour and b/w images with captions. Captions contain information about the artifacts, people and places represented as well as the location, author and date of the originals.

In the IA you will find images like this, illustrating Luigi Galvani (Bologna, 1737-Bologna, 1788) and his wife Lucia Galeazzi carrying out experiments on animal electricity;

or like this, showing Guglielmo Marconi (Bologna, 1874-Rome, 1937) with his original 1896 radio apparatus.

You can access images in IA by typing words or dates in the box. Since the language used for captions is, for the time being, Italian you will need either some knowledge of Italian or a dictionary. Remember that "and" must be translated with "e".

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