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Augmenting Comprehension: Digital Tools and the History of Ideas
Dino Buzzetti, Giuliano Pancaldi & Harold Short, Eds., August 2004. 10.00
 These papers are based on the proceedings of the conference on 'Humanities
 Computing: Philosophy and Digital Resources', held in Bologna in September
 2000. The conference was part of a project funded by the University of
 Bologna to assess recent advances in humanities computing and, more
 specifically, the impact of digital tools on the development of fields such
 as the history of philosophy, and the history of science and technology. The
 common threads linking the papers published here are computer-based textual
 analysis and criticism, with the software development issues involved,
 together with methodological questions. The opening speaker was Father
 Roberto Busa, the much-esteemed and original pioneer of humanities
 computing. The rest of the papers fall into two sections: 'Developing tools'
 and 'Approaching analysis'.

(OHC No 17; ISBN 1 897791 18 6)

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